There are 3 ways to get involved with RoundRoom.Co.


Business leaders may become a "Client" if they meet the Client Eligibility Criteria and are represented by a RoundRoom.Co Advisor in RoundRoom.Co.

Clients are able to participate in RoundRoom.Co activities, and take action to find, relevant, mutually beneficial introductions.

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Principals of advisory firms may become RoundRoom.Co Advisors if they meet the Advisor Eligibility Criteria and register with Round Room.Co.

RoundRoom.Co Advisors register existing and new clients in RoundRoom.Co, represent those Clients in RoundRoom.Co and provide advice to those Clients with respect to the specific transactions, referrals and introductions they are seeking for their business.

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Business leaders, advisors and experts may become RoundRoom.Co Experts if they meet the Expert Eligibility Criteria and register with RoundRoom.Co.

RoundRoom.Co Experts are available to be retained by Clients in RoundRoom.Co to provide expert advice, sit on Boards of Directors or Advisory Boards, be retained as a C-Suite executive or business partner, or to provide governmental assistance or introductions.

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