Develop new business plan, business model or business strategy            

Restructure business


Start up and launch a new business

Build and launch a new division within the business  


Develop or implement an exit strategy or succession plan                        
 Franchise the business    
 Sell, buy or merge a business      
 Sell, buy, lease or licence a major business asset            
FINANCE GROWTH               
Maintain or increase revenue or profitability              
Raise funds for business expansion              
Raise funds for business acquisition              
Raise funds for a particular project or land or buildings              

Raise funds for operations ( such as equipment, vehicles, plant, furniture

Improve cash flow              
Restructure existing financial              
Invest or lend funds              
Maintain or increase number of clients or sales transactions              
Maintain or increase sales value per transaction              
Change or recruit distributor, licensee, agent or franchisee              

Expand business into new geographic, industry, product or service or target market

Export or import products or services              
Build reputation and profile of the business            
Develop and implement new marketing strategy              
Develop and implement new digital marketing strategy                                     
Research & develop new product or service              
Launch new product, service or brand              
Commercialise intellectual property                                           
OPERATIONS GROWTH                
Change or retain supplier              
Find premises (to lease, sub-lease, buy or share)            

Find plant, equipment, vehicles or furniture( to lease, buy or share)

Improve production efficiency and costs              

Review, develop and implement new production systems & processes


Review, develop and implement new business systems, procedures & polices


Review and implement legal documentation and risk management strategies into the business

Enforce legal rights to protect and grow the business              
TECHNOLOGY GROWTH                
Take the existing business online              

 Integrate new technology into the business model or existing product & service range 

Implement or upgrade technology, software or hardware used in the business              
Develop a human resources plan or strategy              
Recruit new C-Suite executive              
Restructure workforce              
Develop or implement staff incentive or retention  scheme                                  
Improve employee engagement and culture of the business              
Invest in education & training