RoundRoom.Co helps organisations achieve business growth faster, easier and more efficiently.

RoundRoom.Co provides a global marketplace for like-minded business leaders and advisors. By leveraging technology, networks and data, RoundRoom.Co helps business leaders and their advisors find the specific opportunities, contacts and advice they need to execute their growth strategies.

Such growth strategies may require a business to:

  • Buy, sell or lease a business or major asset
  • Raise capital or borrow, lend or invest funds
  • Sell, buy, license or distribute products or services
  • Form a strategic relationship with another business
  • Find a director or Advisory Board member
  • Retain an expert advisor, coach or mentor
  • Find a business, government or C-Suite contact to assist growth 

RoundRoom.Co is the future of word of mouth. It provides the same level of trust, professionalism and confidentiality as a trusted advisor or close friend, in addition to offering greater speed, quality, reach and overall effectiveness.

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